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Zoom on the skylight

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Natural light is essential for everyone's well-being. Its health benefits are far greater than those of artificial light. A dark home can therefore in the medium term have negative effects on the well-being of its occupants. However, it is not always possible to integrate a window into a blind wall, and making use of artificial light throughout the day is not the best solution. There remains the skylight, an innovative device that achieves a stunning result in just a few hours and for a few hundred euros.

What is a skylight?

The role of the skylight is to bring natural light into the home, where there is no window or simply when the windows are not sufficient. It is a fairly recent effective process, originating from Australia, and very easy to set up. The principle is based on the association of a double-walled diffuser and a reflective tube. It is equipped with mirrors and surmounted by a transparent dome also called a dome or sensor, to be placed on a sunny area of ​​the roof. This dome can be equipped with complementary light reflection devices. Whatever the desired length of the skylight, anything is possible. It suffices to add as many elements as necessary to increase the length of the tube. These elements can be bent or straight. It is thanks to the diffuser that natural light is distributed in the room.

For who ?

The skylight allows to diffuse the overhead light in any place of the house. It is therefore aimed at all those who wish to have bright rooms while saving energy and who cannot or do not wish to add an opening to the outside for various reasons: joint ownership or respect for the architectural style of the building for example. Indeed, a classified construction cannot undergo any transformation. Likewise, one may not wish to carry out work on the frame, which is however necessary for the installation of a roof window when fitting out attics. The creation of a skylight does not require any administrative process such as a request for a work permit or a building permit, it remains the ideal solution for people in a hurry.

What material, what diameter?

It only takes a few hours to install a skylight. For optimal efficiency, it is recommended to opt for acrylic materials rather than polycarbonate. The former let in almost 100% of the natural light, while in the latter, only 70% of the light enters the room. Another factor also plays on the scattering of light: the diameter of the tube. To light a space with a surface of more or less 10 M² it suffices to install a tube at least 25 cm in diameter.

Skylight accessories

Of course, to create darkness in broad daylight in a room lit by a skylight like a child's bedroom for example, just add a specific component. Other accessories are designed for this type of device such as lamps or fans.


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