The different types of rugs to adopt

The different types of rugs to adopt

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The carpet is an essential decorative element in a home. It can have its place in any room. The carpet brings warmth and color. It adapts to your style and to the materials that make up your furniture. Discover the different styles of rugs, new products and rugs to adopt!

Classic rugs

Classic rugs are made of wool or polypropylene. They find their place in all rooms of the house and are very easy to maintain. Classic rugs come in all colors and offer a very wide variety of patterns. The advantage of the classic carpet is that it is affordable and allows everyone to bring a decorative touch to its interior.

Thick carpets

Thick rugs are known as shaggy rugs or spaghetti rugs. Their thickness varies from 3 to 7 centimeters. Very trendy in the 60s, the shaggy carpet never really disappeared from our homes. We love it for its comfortable and warm side. Shaggy rugs are made of wool or polyester. They are available in all colors, matt and glossy. Because it is not easy to maintain, it is advisable to place a shaggy carpet in a living room or in a bedroom.

Natural carpets

Today, carpets are also available in natural fibers. They bring warmth and a nice touch of authenticity to our homes. The most used materials are bamboo, sisal and seagrass. Ecological and easy to maintain, natural carpets are available in their original colors and in bright colors. Because they are solid, they can be found in the dining room and in the office.

The carpets of the world

The carpet is an element of decoration that we find in all countries. Also, it may be wise to choose carpets from the world to work on its decoration. The oriental carpet comes from India, Pakistan or Iran. Each piece is unique and hand knotted. The oriental carpet shines with its bright colors and the work around the designs. It will find its place in a classic, sober or contemporary living room, while bringing a little warmth and authenticity. Another carpet in the world: the Kilim carpet. It is native to southern Iran but its production is also widespread in Turkey, India and China. The Kilim rug is made of wool and cotton. It is reversible and very colorful.

Contemporary rugs

The carpet has been able to renew itself and adapt to our new lifestyles. Today, many designers offer their innovations. The Scandinavian brand Pappelina has distinguished itself by offering plastic rugs. Their colors are bright and the design is contemporary. Pappelina offers rugs for the entrance, the kitchen, the bathroom and even outdoor rugs to dress up terraces and balconies in style. A success !


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