How to fix a hole in an interior door?

How to fix a hole in an interior door?

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Answer: make plaster to fill the hole, let it dry, sand the area and repaint.

Repairing a hole in an interior door is very easy. First step: make plaster to fill the hole. In a container, mix powdered plaster (available at any specialist store) with water. And stir until there are no more lumps, the preparation must be fluid. Apply the plaster to the hole in the door with a spatula. Then allow to dry for the time indicated on the plaster packaging (this may vary depending on the plaster). Apply a second coat on the first, if you deem it necessary. Once the hole has been filled, and the plaster has dried, you will have to sand the affected area with a piece of sandpaper so as to make the surface perfectly flat. Finally, your door will require a paint job.

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