The relaxation chair in the center of the living room

The relaxation chair in the center of the living room

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The Furniture (s) and Mobility (s) study conducted by the Institute for Prospects and Studies for Furniture (IPEA) in France and Germany for Sofinco, disseminated by the ESPRITMEUBLE show, showed that for the French, c comfort is more important than the style of a piece of furniture. We can better understand the success of the relaxation chair. Zoom on this piece of furniture dedicated to comfort.

The relaxation chair and its origin

The ancestor of the relaxation chair would be the Voltaire armchair, which already had a slightly inclined backrest to facilitate relaxation and which could be accompanied by a footrest for even more comfort. Today, the relaxation chair has a mechanism that allows it to tilt slightly to reduce pressure on the muscles of the body. And a footrest also provides a semi-recumbent position. Some models even offer massage functions to accentuate the relaxing effect. A real piece of furniture dedicated to well-being!

An award-winning relaxation chair

On the occasion of the ESPRITMEUBLE trade show, the Italian furniture manufacturer Natuzzi presented the high-end RE-VIVE relaxation armchair which also received the "Coup de Coeur Innovation" prize from the trade fair. It is the result of several years of research on the human body in a state of relaxation in order to propose an ideal inclination for the total maintenance of the body. Thus, the chair follows your movements and adapts to your posture for total relaxation. And design side, it offers contemporary lines to settle in style in your living room! > More info on Our practical salon decoration videos