A mattress topper for more comfort

A mattress topper for more comfort

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You may have already spent a very comfortable night without suspecting that it was the work of a mattress topper, which is often found in hotels. But at home too you can opt for this bedding accessory to have extra softness and maximize your comfort.

What is a mattress topper?

It is simply a kind of fine duvet often made of foam, down or wool that is installed on the mattress and under the fitted sheet. In the Middle Ages, we already used this trick to improve comfort by sleeping on the duvet that we placed on the bed. You should know that some mattress toppers have specific characteristics and that there are even models intended to regulate the temperature of the bed. This is called a thermal or air-conditioned mattress topper.

Why choose a mattress topper?

The mattress topper has many advantages because it not only protects your mattress but it also significantly improves your comfort. It makes it possible to bring a feeling of softness to the bed while preserving the good support of the body clean to the mattress.

How to choose your mattress topper?

To choose the right mattress topper, you must choose the same size as your mattress. The thickness should not be too great to prevent the body from sinking and the mattress to lose its characteristics. In terms of materials, you will have the choice between synthetic and natural materials. Prices range from 30 euros to 300 euros. Our adult bedroom decor videos