Video: children's sewing course

Video: children's sewing course

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Your child would like to learn to sew, but you don't know where to start learning? Would you like to liven up a party by offering a sewing course to children? Iris de Melo, professor of fashion design for children at "1mere1fille", gives you some tips to facilitate the learning of sewing.

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Use the right sewing material

When a child learns to sew, he needs slightly different equipment than that used by adults. Then choose larger needles with a wider eye and a less pointed tip, fabrics that do not fray as well as thicker thread, which will tangle less. The goal is not to discourage children: do not make them use pins, which could prick them. To prevent the thread from coming out of the needle, make a small knot in the thread to secure it to the needle for the seam.

Transmit the basics of sewing

For a child to learn to sew, there is no need to teach him too complicated points. Start with simple things, including always starting a seam by stitching the back to hide the knot. Show the child the stitching consisting of stitching twice in front or behind, while progressing on the news: 739845 fabric. Children retain this method by the mnemonic means “two points below, two points above”. Also teach him how to stop a seam, by stitching the actu: 739845 fabric to make a loop in which to pass the thread. Offer simple achievements, like a ball, so as not to discourage him. Thanks to the advice of Iris de Melo, your child will quickly know the basics of sewing. Watch the video Sewing lessons for children on Produced by Minute Facile.