Material focus: how to choose a hook?

Material focus: how to choose a hook?

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If it is a knitting technique, the hook is also a small tool that allows you to work the yarn. Available in several materials, the hook is to be adapted according to the realization to which you wish to devote yourself. Materials, diameter, use, here are some practical tips for choosing the right hook.

Choose the material of your hook

To each subject of hook, his utility. So :

  • The finesse of hook made of steel allows fine sewing work such as lace.
  • The realization of placemats and other classic works requires a hook in aluminium.
  • The works of knitting thick such as a blanket call for the use of a hook in plastic.

You must therefore determine the nature of your work before choosing the type of hook preferred.

Hook diameters

After the material, you will have to choose the diameter of your hook. The available range extends from 0.60 mm to 7 mm in diameter. Generally speaking, the smaller the diameter, the more you should opt for a fine wire. For example, a hook 0.60 mm in diameter will be used for working very fine wires and metallic wires. The hook the most commonly used is the 0.8 mm diameter which allows you to work cotton, fine silk, fine threads, but also to place pearls or sequins.

Start crochet

If you are a beginner, prefer a hook serving the realization of mesh. Accessible commercially from 2 euros, it is generally made of wood or plastic and allows the realization of works whose wire is quite thick. Start with this type of exercise knitting will allow you to shake hands with a hook. Do not forget to also bring wool or cotton, scissors, needle and a model of knitting relatively simple for your beginnings.

Tip for choosing your hook

To choose the hook and the suitable wire, there is a very simple technique: check that the wire passes freely under the tip of the hook. It must neither sink nor go out. According to the hook necessary, count between 3 and 20 euros for a set of 9 pieces.