Video: design custom wall stickers

Video: design custom wall stickers

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For an original wall decoration, have you ever thought of using wall stickers? If you want to design custom wall stickers yourself, follow the advice of Nessa, editor of the blog "".

Watch the video :

Prepare the base of your wall sticker

To make a personalized wall sticker, you need a sheet of tracing paper, baking paper, a printed or drawn pattern and masking tape , i.e. colored tape. Start by drawing the previously chosen pattern using a sheet of tracing paper. When finished, transfer the drawing to the sheet of baking paper. You have just made the base of your wall sticker.

Design the sticker

Once your drawing is transferred to the baking paper, turn the paper over. Then apply the masking tape over the entire surface of the drawing, proceeding strip after strip. Take care to overlap each strip of masking tape , so that no hole appears. Then use scissors to cut out your design. If it is a symmetrical pattern, you can fold the sheet in the middle for a perfectly even result.

Apply the sticker

When your design is cut, carefully peel off the baking paper from the masking tape . Then apply it to the desired location on the wall, taking care to remove any air bubbles. If necessary, finish the sticker by adding other patterns. With Nessa's advice, decorate your interior in an original and personalized way. Watch the video Design custom wall stickers on Produced by Minute Facile.