Neon decor in the spotlight

Neon decor in the spotlight

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When we talk about a neon trend in the home, it can refer to two decorative elements: color or light. But whether in bright color or in the form of lighting, the neon is installed in interiors that are not cold in the eyes.

The neon color version

Neon color is a trendy new way to call fluorescent colors. Indeed, the colors are vivid and refer to the light diffused by the neon tubes. This gives very bright red, vibrant orange or even electric blue, bold colors that wake up the house. They are then used sparingly on a cushion or a decorative accessory to give a trendy touch to the house. Teens, especially girls who use these colors on their nails, will particularly appreciate the neon colors in their bedroom.

Neon lighting version

If the neon and its almost clinical white light does not have a very good reputation, its colored version is ideal for giving punch to the decor. The tube then becomes a full-fledged luminaire and is placed on the floor, against a wall or displayed as a decorative object on the wall. Ideal in an urban atmosphere or to give a lounge lighting to the room, it exists in multiple colors which will allow you to create your different atmospheres. The trick: multiply the neon lights to play the accumulation. And for those who would like to have fun with neon lights, know that there are also letters to write your messages and make a nod to the illuminated signs in your interior. Our practical creative leisure videos


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