Cons and mistakes to avoid when using waxed concrete

Cons and mistakes to avoid when using waxed concrete

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Waxed concrete is a trendy coating. It is highly appreciated because it is practical, resistant, aesthetic. However, it is better to avoid certain errors that could shorten its exceptional longevity.

Mistake # 1: placing waxed concrete on a closed support

Is considered closed, a non-porous support in which water does not penetrate or infiltrates very slowly. Put waxed concrete on a closed support harms its grip. It is therefore imperative to start by spreading with a roller, on a closed support, a bonding primer, then wait a few hours before proceeding with the laying of the waxed concrete.

Mistake 2: approximate the waxed concrete

Fine smoothed mortar, or waxed concrete, is very specific since it requires preparation to the nearest gram. The ultra precise dosage is indicated by the manufacturers. To avoid disappointment, it is therefore better to scrupulously respect the grammage indicated. Indeed, in the case of polished concrete, the approximate has no place.

Error N ° 3: sand the waxed concrete just after its installation

Above all, do not sand the waxed concrete as soon as it is applied to a wall or the floor. This type of coating dries in about 6 hours, but you still have to wait at least 48 hours after this drying time to start sanding. In the same vein, you have to wait at least 4 hours after installation to walk (in socks only) on waxed concrete.

Mistake N ° 4: placing waxed concrete on a poor quality support

Before laying waxed concrete, it is essential to ensure that the support is healthy, dry, flat, not cracked and of good quality. It can be a slab, a screed, a floor, a tile, etc. Otherwise, the polished concrete risks cracking.

Mistake # 5: placing a boiling pan on a polished concrete worktop

This is a fatal error likely to cause the melting of the wax which goes into the composition of the polished concrete. When the coating of the kitchen worktop is in waxed concrete, care must be taken to protect it from direct heat by imperatively using a perfectly insulating trivet.

Mistake N ° 6: cleaning the polished concrete with bleach

Bleach, like any corrosive product, must not be used to maintain waxed concrete, whether it is placed on the floor or on the wall. The same is true for hard bristle brushes, scrapers and abrasive cloths of the Emery cloth type. Let us not forget that the polished concrete is covered with a protective layer that an unsuitable cleaning would not take long to deteriorate.

Mistake N ° 7: placing waxed concrete on extruded polystyrene

Waxed concrete does not land on polystyrene. An underlay is absolutely necessary. Professionals generally advise passing a layer of special tile adhesive on the extruded polystyrene sheets before applying the smoothed fine mortar or waxed concrete. Our practical DIY videos Follow the video tips from Minute Facile to apply polished concrete to your walls effectively.