Trend: new candles enhance the home

Trend: new candles enhance the home

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If there is one accessory that does well in the home, it is the candle. Small decorative jewel, it seduces with its elegance and its warm spirit, whether to offer or to have fun. The scented candles are even now real signatures of our interiors. This enthusiasm promises us a very rich comeback and our selection should help you make your choice.

The new Astier de Villatte candles

For this new school year, the specialist in chic and original scented candles has once again called on New York designer John Derian for a brand new creation. The Provincetown candle is intended as a breath of fresh air, sea breeze and nature like the designer's favorite village. We find star anise, basil, bergamot, cedar, coriander, eucalyptus, fennel, ginger and peppermint for an olfactory and design journey thanks to the glass enhanced by designate. (55 euros for the sparkling glass goblet, 120 euros for the Astier de Villatte and John Derian ceramic goblet).

Iba low-priced scented candles

To perfume your interior with subtlety, Iba offers candles that combine a delicate fragrance with a pretty design that enhances the decoration. Thanks to organic essential oils, the four candles in the collection invite you to travel. It's up to you to choose between a getaway in Bali, a stopover in Madagascar, Dreams of the East or an evening by the fireside. For 5.55 euros in supermarkets, they provide 40 hours of fragrance and offer a 60% vegetable wax, a wick of natural wood and even a recycled cardboard packaging! This is the good news for the new school year!

Candles to buy at the Aquarelle florist

For a candle that smells of flowers, what could be more natural than offering yourself a model at the florist's? The Aquarelle brand has used its knowledge of flowers and especially their perfumes by launching a range of scented candles with natural floral scents. They are found in five sizes and six flavors. It's up to you to choose between Jasmine, Neroli, Cedar, Fig, Red Peony, Garden Rose and Tuberose to bring flowers into your interior in a new way. The good news is that the brand also delivers its candles everywhere in France! Something to dethrone the traditional flower bouquet delivery.

Welton London and Courrèges couture candles

To relive the Courrèges universe in your interior, Atelier Design Courrèges entrusted to John-Paul Welton, creator of perfumes in Grasse, the creation of an olfactory universe which would represent the couture spirit of the house. This collaboration thus gives birth to three candles in the Courrèges colors: intense rose inspired by the morning dew, fresh and light silver nature and light gold with aquatic notes. The candle is sold alone or in a superb glass cube that serves as a light box for a real design object signed Courrèges. Our practical table decoration videos