Video: how to print photos on T-shirts?

Video: how to print photos on T-shirts?

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Do you want to offer a personalized T-shirt? Would you like to create a distinctive sign for a team or a special occasion? Claire Flury, author of the “Guide to successful parties” and blogger, explains how to simply print a photo on a T-shirt.

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Prepare material for transfer

Bring a cotton T-shirt, preferably white, an iron, a computer, a printer and transfer paper which you will find in all stationeries. Choose an image on your computer. You can modify the image or add text if you wish. To print your image on the transfer paper, set your printer to the “mirror effect” or “reverse image” function. If your printer does not have this feature, print only an image without text.

Print the photo on the T-shirt

Once your photo is printed, heat your iron to maximum temperature; deactivate the steam function. Iron the T-shirt well so that there are no creases. Put your photo printed on the T-shirt, the image opposite the news: 739845 fabric. Iron the image regularly for at least one minute. Let cool, then carefully remove the transfer paper. Your image is now printed on the T-shirt. Follow Claire Flury's explanations to obtain a T-shirt printed with the image of your choice. Watch the video How to print photos on t-shirts? on Produced by Minute Facile.


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